we are all gretaI have read so many Greta Thunberg books in the past year and We Are All Greta by Valentina Giannella and illustrated by Manuela Marazzi is one of my absolute favorites. While I do think that the title is a bit much and would have infinitely preferred something along the lines of “We Stand with Greta,” the thing about this book is that it sends an exceptionally powerful message. We can all be advocates for a better world. We, like Greta, can fight to save this planet and the people living on it.

The best thing about We Are All Greta is the fact that it doesn’t just stop at introducing this girl and the amazing things she’s been doing. It goes on to talk about how her actions are going to bring about a positive change. Then it breaks down the ways in which ordinary people can be extraordinary with their own activism. It also talks about everyday things that we can all do to further support fighting climate change and those who would pretend it does not exist for their own gains.

It goes deeply into various subjects from the politics and policy change of it all to how we can make everyday changes in our lives with things like food and energy usage. The book encourages people to make concerted efforts to fight for and enact the change that the world needs. Wonderfully informative, the excellently-illustrated book gives readers inspiration and hope for the steps that must be taken instead of simply telling us about who Greta is and what she has done to catch the public eye.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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