“Sorry,” said Thorne, “but that sounds illicit and suspicious and, frankly, my criminal days are behind me. Next—”

covid-128If you think that my love of Carswell Thorne was the largest motivator I had in reading through this pandemic-inspired short story then you would be absolutely correct. Honestly, I don’t think that Marissa Meyer (or anyone, for that matter) could have done anything to get me more excited.

See, as much as I adore this woman’s writing, The Lunar Chronicles will always be the most special to me. And so, COVID-128 was just about the greatest present anyone could have given me. I have missed these characters and their stories so damn much.

Everything about this story was so wonderful, pulling me right back into one of my all time favorite worlds. The focus shifted through each of our favorite characters and what they’re up to during their time quarantining and social distancing. To my immense pleasure, there was rather a lot of time spent with my number one, the lovable goof and Happy Captain himself.

I think the only thing that this was missing was a bit more on Cinder and Kai, however I remain thoroughly pleased with the brief return to these characters regardless. Words cannot adequately describe how much I missed them.

Now, if you’re a Lunar Chronicles fan, I one hundred percent recommend clicking over to read COVID-128but be aware that there are some spoilers for the books if you’ve not finished them. Otherwise, enjoy!


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