winterYou know how people will often promote their last book with some flashy statement along the lines of, “the stunning and spectacular conclusion to the brilliant [insert series here]” when it finally comes along? I often find those over the top descriptors vaguely annoying, no matter the book. In the case of Winter, the final novel in The Lunar Chronicles, I find the fanciful phrases to be rather accurate. In fact, they don’t quite do the novel or the series justice.

I realize that I’m probably rather biased when it comes to this series, as I’ve mentioned before. It pops up all the time on my blog due to my absolute love for it and the number of times I spend rereading it each year–it’s a bit excessive. But the truth of the matter is that this series saved my life at times when I was more depressed than I could handle. In so many ways I have connected with these books and these characters that it’s no wonder the final novel is one I celebrate as a brilliant piece of fiction so utterly deserving of more praise than I could ever fully give.

The culmination of everything the first three novels set up arrives in Winter, just over 800 pages to bring this magnificent series to the long-awaited end. I spent so much time waiting for this book, desperate to have it within my hands, that by the time I had my copy it took me less than a day to read it. I remember the moment quite vividly, actually. I can recall precisely where I was and how I spent my day. I’m not one hundred percent certain, but I believe I may have skipped my classes that day in order to spend it reading.

It was worth it, worth taking the day off, worth every second of the wait.

I’ve often cited Cress as being my favorite of the novels, but Winter is a very close second. Meyer easily became my idol. The way she brought together these five very different tales to create a coherent and fascinating story that I fell in love with over and over again, that I still manage to fall in love with each time I read it, is nothing short of amazing. I will forever hold this book, this series, and Marissa Meyer in high esteem. And if you’ve not managed to get your hands on these books yet, if you’ve not read them, believe me when I say you are missing out immeasurably.

I’d suggest reading it the very next second you have a chance.


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