build-a-book workshopI’ll admit, I definitely had a different image for what this book was going to teach me when I requested it. And this is entirely my fault, really. You see, I’ve been getting into some bookbinding projects lately and, when I saw this, I automatically just assumed that the Build-A-Book Workshop was going to detail tips and tricks with how to literally put together a physical book. And though this book does detail how to design a book, it doesn’t really talk about the logistics of what happens once everything has been printed. So, while still full of useful information, this book wasn’t what I’d initially thought it would be.

I am massively grateful for what I did learn from this book.
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If nothing else, I can say that Build-A-Book Workshop was incredibly informative about pieces of the designing process for books. While I feel like I knew portions of the process already due to my own personal research, there was a lot that I hadn’t ever thought of or read about before. If nothing else, this is an excellent starting point if you’re looking into some form of self-publishing. And really, it’s made me grow more interested in the publishing world as a whole.

This is a pretty quick read that kind of throws you into the deep end of a lot of terminology. If you’re already fairly well-versed in the world of books and know a moderate amount about publishing, you’ll have a fairly good grasp on what the majority of these are. And at that point, the bigger piece is learning about the technology that is involved in book-cover design. This information, at least, was entirely new to me. I imagine it would be for many others, as well.

In the end, if book design and publishing is an interest of yours I would definitely suggest checking this book out.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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