mary shelleyThe genre that Frankenstein falls into has always led me to sort of shy away from it in a lot of instances. The film that came out some time ago, however, about the life of its author was really the jump start that I needed in developing an interest in it. Since then, I’ve often found myself fascinated with Mary Shelley and her life story. Thus, when paired with my fondness for the Little People, Big Dreams series of books by Mª Isabel Sánchez Vegara, illustrated by Yelena Bryksenkova there really was little question in the fact that I knew I needed to read this particular addition. And Mary Shelley was fantastic.

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A very quick biographical story of renown author Mary Shelley, this book is an amazing and inspirational addition to the series. As an aspiring author, myself, I cannot help but feel immensely proud to see the life story of Mary Shelley written out and illustrated for young readers to read and learn. It does a pretty wonderful job of introducing everyone to Mary and allowing us to journey with her from childhood to when she eventually wrote one of the most well-received ghost stories in history.

As it is a children’s novel, the book definitely glosses over many of the darker pieces of Shelley’s life. Fortunately, this does not really take away from the book but rather offers young readers a great introduction to this historical figure. I love the fact that this book is such an excellent starting point for fostering an interest within young minds that may one day lead them to learn more about this incredible woman.

The illustrations in this particular edition were, admittedly, not my favorite. I’m not sure how engaging the artwork will be to young readers; it is the unfortunate result of trying to keep muted colors in line with the themes of Mary Shelley’s work. That said, I still think the general style does a wonderful job of fitting in with the theme of the Little People, Big Dreams series. Perhaps brighter colors might have been a better fit for some portions of the story?

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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