Oh my gosh, this story was so damn cute! I wanna write a story like Meika Hashimoto’s Kitty and Dragon. Illustrated by Gillian Reid, this was honestly one of the most adorable stories I’ve ever read. So much so that I would just die if it was made into a kid’s show (anyone up for making that happen?). I would definitely make my nieces watch it just to have an excuse to do so myself.

Kitty Just Wants Some Quiet

In the beginning, Kitty and Dragon have never met. In fact, Kitty lives in a barn. But Kitty can’t stand to be around all the noise. It interrupts her sleep. Thus, Kitty sets out to find a quiet place to live.

Meanwhile, as Kitty journeys through the land she meets a variety of creatures all warning her away from the silent dragon. Despite how scary everyone makes the dragon out to be, one thing sticks with Kitty. That dragon is silent.

Next thing you know Kitty has arrived at the dragon’s cave. Within moments she realizes she has found an amazingly quiet place to live. And she is thrilled.

Kitty’s Got the Sniffles

As if this series couldn’t get any more heartwarming, after living with dragon for some time Kitty catches a cold. Dragon quickly grows sad since Kitty’s cold means that she won’t be around to join him in kite flying. But, instead of responding in any selfish manner, dragon instead decides to go to his library and read about how to take care of a sick Kitty.

Thus we are presented with an adorable little montage of dragon being the best caretaker ever for his new roommate. Also, I just loved that library. Ultimately, I don’t think Kitty could have ever found a better friend to live with. And, even better, I don’t think dragon could have met a better roommate than kitty.

Living with Mess-Makers

Oh my gosh, I laughed so much at this one.

I didn’t realize that I could relate so much to a simple kid’s story. But, here I am, just dying with laughter at Kitty’s most recent problem with Dragon. Turns out Dragon is a giant mess-maker. He leaves his dishes out when Kitty cleans up hers. He treks mud all over the cave after Kitty had just cleaned. In general, Dragon just sucks at being neat when Kitty is the cleanest there ever is.

Now, I won’t claim to be the cleanest ever like Kitty. But I definitely know what it’s like to live with someone who leaves their messes all over the place and treks in all kinds of nonsense from the backyard that I will then have to clean up. Dishes and paper towels are left all over the place when they belong in the dishwasher and the trash, respectively.

So, how will Kitty deal with the messy, messy Dragon? In one of the best ways ever.

Art, Message, and Readability

The strongest piece of this series is the artwork. Hats of to Gillian Reid because she drew some of the cutest characters I have ever seen. I loved everything about the visuals in Kitty and Dragon. Not only was it all absolutely adorable, but everything was bright and colorful. Wide-eyed Kitty and long-tailed Dragon were engaging throughout.

Each little story included in this volume had a simple, but important message in it. I loved that so much. There’s something for children to learn on nearly every page, resulting in a book that I can definitely get behind supporting.

As an educator who specializes in teaching children to read, I have a tendency to pay very close attention to reading levels. This is considered an early reader series, though I would caution parents who have struggling readers against starting with this book. If you’ve got a kid who doesn’t quite have a lot of multi-syllables yet, it may be best to start with something a little different. That said, if your first grader already has an adequate grasp of how to decode those words, have at it.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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