Mª Isabel Sánchez Vegara has done it again, now with illustrator Aura Lewis! A new Little People, Big Dreams book has arrived and this time it’s about Steve Jobs! I was massively excited to see this one and the timing couldn’t have been stranger for me. So, I live in California and have recently just happened to meet someone who went to high school with this very man. As an avid fan of this series and someone who has a heavy respect for Steve Jobs, I just had to read this one.

Learning Opportunities

I’m always thrilled and amazed when I learn things from children’s books. It’s just such a wonderful thing when both kids and adults have the opportunity to learn together. Despite knowing a number of things about Jobs, I genuinely had no idea that the man was adopted. I will forever appreciate this series for educating even me. And I truly hope that these books reach, educate, and inspire a great many children.

And it comes at a great, time, too. After Apple’s heyday and in a moment where nearly everyone has owns something from Apple. It can be easy, I think, for the younger generations to live unaware of the man who started it all. Were he still alive, I imagine he’d be as common a name now as Bill Gates was when I was young.

Looking In

Now, I’ll admit that the artwork for this book isn’t my favorite. Sánchez Vegara seems to have a number of illustrators contributing to this series as I recall them being different nearly every time. And while they all generally are able to keep a similar format, something about this one was a bit off for me. Steve looks a bit goofy, especially with the way his hair was drawn. And I get that he was a nerdy guy, but I just didn’t love it.

There are also a lot of muted tones here that might make it difficult to keep some younger readers engaged.

Overall, I would say that I loved the book, of course. And I will continue to be excited any time I see a new Little People, Big Dreams book come out.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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