But there are other fun words you’ll want to know, too.

I read two books this year that were written by talk-show hosts called Jimmy. Everything is Mama by Jimmy Fallon was the worse of the two. I know, I know, the general discourse on this one is that it’s cute and it makes light of an experience that many fathers, perhaps, experience. But it’s just very pointless, simple, and silly.

I don’t mean in a good way.

You know those moments when a celebrity for some wild reason thinks, hey, maybe I should write a children’s book and it kind of just comes out lackluster and dumb? And to top it all off, he’s not even the illustrator so how much work did he actually put into this?

Yeah, that’s how I’d describe this book.

Now, you’ll never catch me judging a kid for what they like to read. So, if for whatever reason this is the book your kid wants to read all the time, power to them. Other than minute entertainment for kids who are really close to their moms…this book is stupid and pointless. It doesn’t really teach anything. There’s no important message to learn or leave the book with.

It’s just…silly.

I’ll Give Fallon This…

No, wait. Miguel Ordóñez is actually the one who deserves the credit here: the artwork is pretty friggin cute. I honestly have nothing but praise for the downright adorable animal art in this book. I don’t know if I can even say I have a favorite because they are all just so darn precious.

So, cute illustrations join ridiculous children’s book story that never would have gotten published in the first place had its author not been famous for some other reason. Yay?

In the end…

I’m kind of at a loss, here. I don’t hate the book, but I don’t find it very impressive, either. It’s a silly book idea that doesn’t really have much substance at all. But yeah, if it gets a kid to read then it’s not all bad. I wouldn’t spend money on it, though.


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