We’re both really saying, “I care about you.”

Marla Lesage’s We Wear Masks is probably one of the most important books you could read to your children right now. Of course, this is the kind of book that probably won’t be relevant far in future. But right now, with the current way the world is, it sends an incredibly important message that unfortunately a large number of adults still don’t seem to understand.

Masks in General

The great thing about this book is that it highlights the usefulness of all masks, not just the ones that protect others from contracting COVID. Masks protect us in the hospital, on a ranch, in space, and underwater. And the truth is that a little bit of discomfort is worth the lives that could be saved and protected from wearing one. Not only do you learn new things from reading this book, but it sends such an incredibly important message.


The illustrations are also phenomenal. They’re honestly perfect for engaging children in reading. But they are also just excellent pieces of art in general. And honestly, I just absolutely adore the look of this book. It is page to page with absolutely brilliant art, from beneath the ocean to high in outer space.

A Wish

I wish we lived in a world where people weren’t selfish. I wish that this wasn’t a controversial topic of discussion. And I wish that everyone had the critical thinking skills to recognize the truth about the usefulness of masks. Unfortunately, we don’t. And so books like this one exist to help educate the world. Hopefully, our children will be a smarter generation than the one currently running things.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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