You’re so not cute.

Winry helps deliver a baby while Ed and Al sit around completely useless at the start of Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 4 of the Fullmetal Editions and it’s wonderful. Of course, I live for the Ed and Winry moments. These two are just so darn adorable together, even when in serious conversation. You can’t help loving them together.

The Flashbacks

Falling in line with Ed and Al moving on to meet up with their alchemy teacher, Volume 4 is the flashback section of the story. This is where we learn about their parents, specifically the mom who motivated much of what got the boys to where they are now. We learn about their childhood, how they developed an interest in alchemy, and how Ed joined the military.

Any questions about their backstory are basically answered here. You also learn about all their time with Teacher, Izumi Curtis. And, of course, the darkest bits of the boys’ past is revealed: the full story behind how Ed lost his limbs and why Al is bonded to a suit of armor. It’s devastating and gruesome, but still manages to be intriguing.

Thus the only secret left to be unveiled is one they don’t even know the truth about themselves. Neither Ed nor Al could shed any true light on the secrets of their father.


I will likely be forever impressed with the brilliant way in which this story is told. The intricacies of the plot and the depth of the characters is incredible. Arakawa does such a fantastic job of weaving the complex lives of these characters together to build a cohesive and exceptional story. And you can feel it in every page of this volume.


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