This sucks. Why do dogs have to be so loyal?

Gosh, this was always one of the strangest parts of the series for me. I think, throughout every rewatch and every reread I’ve ever done of this series, I’m always surprised by how much I love Greed and his gang. They’re not exactly on the right side, but they go against the major villains of the story. Not to mention, they’re extremely intriguing and surprisingly likable characters. Just barely introduced before they leave, and I already have so many feelings about them.

Greed and The Gang

I think a lot of my love for these characters comes with my adoration of Dolcetto. I don’t think I’d be nearly as attached to Greed’s gang without him. That said, there’s something to note with how much they care for each other. Even Greed, selfish bastard that he is, has some clear emotions for his people. And it’s honestly so wonderful.

Against all odds, what with him ordering Al’s kidnapping and pissing off both Izumi and Ed, Greed is shockingly likable. It’s funny, because when you think about the series as a whole and which homunculus we care about most…the majority of Fullmetal Alchemist fans will cite Greed first. And sure, there are some of us who like Lust or Envy…or even Gluttony. But I think, universally, Greed is the one we actually find ourselves loving. And why?

Well, there’s just something about his sincerity. Even in his selfishness, we can relate to him in a strange way. Add in the fact that he had so many people shamelessly loyal to him? Like, damn. Later on there will be an added factor, but for now even this small glimpse allows us to feel truly connected to this character.


So, we learn a few other things in this installment of Fullmetal Alchemist. Namely, there’s a secret surrounding Fuhrer King Bradley that is revealed toward the end. Alphonse is looking for a way to get his memories of the “truth” back to help them further their quest along, and that’s about it. It definitely made for a very involved section of the story, sans the usual goofery that makes you laugh while reading and watching this story.

It’s a more serious moment with some deeply devastating events. And all I can say now is that I’m eager to read the next one.


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