I would have never shown such kittypet softness. I would have brought back the days of TigerClan. I would have made ThunderClan great!”
“And how many cats would have died for it?

Forest of Secrets by Erin Hunter is both the book full of secrets and the book that spills them all. It had genuinely been so long since I’d read these books that I actually forgot quite a few of them. Fireheart spends the majority of this book either keeping secrets or unearthing them. And he does a pretty good job of it.


While this book is the book of secrets, it is also the book of half-clan cats. So many of the secrets seem to revolve around these truths. And the unraveling of said secrets depends very heavily on age-long understandings of the cats who have been keeping them. There’s so much going on in this book that it’s almost overwhelming. But one thing remains clear above all else; Fireheart is determined to save his clan from Tigerclaw.

Graystripe has continued his affair with Riverclan cat, Silverstream. This secret becomes a growing nuisance to Fireheart as he takes on the training of his friend’s apprentice. But when his journey to unearth Tigerclaw’s treachery takes him across the boundary between Thunderclan and Riverclan, he soon finds himself grateful for his friend’s connections.

A Forest of Plots

I have to say, I think Forest of Secrets is perhaps where Hunter shines best in this first set of novels. An intricate and remarkable plot surrounds her characters. There’s so much going on within the confines of the story, yet it never feels like too much. And the way everything ties in together is both exciting and impressive.

Both of the preceding books are really leading up to the monumental moment that Hunter ends this novel with. It’s a culmination of all that you’ve been waiting for and the beginning of an entirely new chapter. You have your finally moment and then eagerly await what will happen next. And with all eyes on Bluestar, you cannot help the thrill of anticipation you feel to start the next book.


I’m always torn between feeling surprised at how quickly everything changes for Fireheart, responsibility thrust upon him, and feeling that everything has happened exactly as it should have. What this really comes down to is maturity. More often than not, I find that Fireheart has a habit of acting both incredibly mature and childishly naïve at the same time. So there’s certainly a moment of discomfort I recognize that I don’t think I felt when I read this as a child.

Regardless of that, though, it doesn’t take much to recall why I loved these books so much. Falling into the story and getting lost in its wonder is something done with ease. I’ve grown incredibly attached to these characters and I don’t think that will be changing anytime soon. I cannot wait to one day read it to human kits of my own.


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