I’ve spent the last four years debating over and over again whether I would ever actually buy this book. The main reason for this is simply that I’m not a huge fan of adult coloring books. They, going entirely against their purpose, stress me out. However, one of these days I will own a copy of The Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book by Marissa Meyer with gorgeous illustrations by Kathryn Gee. Until then, can we just talk about how wonderful this book is?

That Background Story

Damn, I have so many feels for the story Meyer tells at the beginning of this book. It involves fan and artist Kathryn Gee and a slew of other fans. I honestly don’t have words for how beautiful and emotional that was.

I’m just in awe.

Interludes and Quotes

So, the majority of the book is naturally filled with coloring pages. I imagine, were I to own a copy myself and not simply borrow it to read, I probably wouldn’t make much use of them. I imagine it would kind of just sit, beautiful, on my shelf with the rest of my Meyer collection. In addition to the gorgeous artwork, the book has brief interludes written by Meyer herself, detailing out a few of the processes she went through to develop The Lunar Chronicles into existence.

Then, the last bit that’s included is simply a quote of some kind to go along with whatever story the illustration is focused on. I think this was a really nice touch, though I admittedly wouldn’t have minded more new content. I think I’d be a lot more eager to purchase a copy if there was actually a lot of new content included.

Overall, though, I’m really glad I got a chance to finally read this. It was well worth my time and I can pretty much guarantee that one day it will also find a home on my shelf.


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