There’s a fox! He’s watching you.

It’s probably thoroughly unsurprising that I read Cari Meister’s Do You Really Want to Meet a Fox? With beautiful illustrations from Daniele Fabbri, the fact that this book is centered around a fox pretty much makes it perfect for me. And, of course, it’s a genuinely cute and informative story.

A Cute, Educational Story

Ultimately, this story follows a little girl who wants to see a fox. In her journey, the book spends time talking about what foxes are like, how they live/survive, and other various aspects of their existence. While there’s a small story, at the end of the day, this is an educational book about foxes. Any child reading this book is bound to learn something new.

Fox Pictures

I loved all the fox illustrations. I didn’t like the little girl nearly as much and there was one picture in particular that I really didn’t care for. Overall, though, the artwork was pretty great. In general, it’s very realistic. If you’re looking at it from far away, you almost mistake it for an actual photo. That alone, in an educational book, is pretty cool.

There’s a Fox!

In general, I enjoyed this book. I think it’s one worth reading. Young children will learn from it and the book has a small story. As someone who’s quite fond of foxes, it’s not surprising that I’d find this book enjoyable.


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