It’s been so long since any cat spoke my name, I don’t need it anymore.

Firestar’s Quest is the first book of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter that isn’t a reread from my childhood. Due to this, at first I was unsure if my dislike of this book came from the fact that I had less of a childhood attachment to it. But, after reading several more books in this giant world, I’ve come to the conclusion that I just don’t care for books involving SkyClan.

The Lost Clan

So, Firestar’s Quest basically follows our favorite ThunderClan leader after the events of the original series. Now, with an entire clan of cats to care for, he begins having strange dreams about a cat from a supposed fifth clan. As the dreams continue, Firestar eventually decides to take it upon himself to answer the call of this long lost leader. Namely, the quest becomes entirely about restoring the long lost SkyClan to existence before everyone forgets about it forever.

And, I suppose it’s a decent enough idea?

Bored, Bored, Bored

However, reading this book was incredibly boring. Despite Firestar genuinely being my favorite character, I absolutely hated him in this book. And perhaps I’m one of the few who really just doesn’t get his supposed love of Spottedleaf, but that entire arc in this story was massively annoying. I’m surprised Sandstorm put up with it in the end, truly.

And I guess, in this sense, I’ll say this: it’s really difficult to care about anything happening in this book. Not only does Firestar’s unending love for Spottedleaf completely destroy any connection he has with Sandstorm, but I couldn’t bring myself to really care about any of the characters in this book. The only cats I did like ended up dying, so what was the point in the end?

So, therein lies my issue with this book. I didn’t like anyone. Even my favorite character from the original six books annoyed the hell out of me. And when you can’t build an emotional connection with the characters, a book this long drags on and on. And it’s incredibly painful to read.

An Okay Story

I won’t say Firestar’s Quest is all bad. But to me, it largely felt like a cash grab. And, with so many branched off books to this world, I guess that makes sense in a way. This allowed for all the SkyClan related books to come out later on. But, for me, Firestar’s Quest dragged. I found myself bored numerous times while reading. And there were so many disjointed sections to the story–largely due to the needed recruitment of clan cats–that you never really feel like you have the time to grow emotionally connected to the characters.

I’m sure there are those out there who enjoyed this book, though. And it’s not poorly written or anything. It’s just…an okay book.

That said, I will leave with this final note that it was really cool to read the epilogue. That was probably the only thing I actually enjoyed about this book. Go figure.


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