I always thought that the farm never changed.

I have mixed feelings about Shattered Peace, a story of Ravenpaw’s Path by Erin Hunter. On the one hand, it’s nice to read about Ravenpaw again since he apparently decided to abandon the clans forever. However, it does kind of feel like a pointless story in the long run. Did we really need these graphic novels? Eh, probably not.

A Character We Love

So, the true selling point for this book is the fact that it brings back a character we love. Naturally, anyone who liked Ravenpaw at all would have warm feelings about this graphic novel. And that’s about all this book really sells itself on: you get to return to a beloved character. I won’t lie, this is usually enough to make a lot of people very happy.

As for the plot, well, it’s a simple one. Ravenpaw and Barely are living together quite happily. Not much happens at the barn, so of course this story encapsulates the only true event that happens. The barn sort of serves as a resting place for many cats to use. We see this time and time again throughout the course of the other books. So, naturally, when rogues come seeking shelter Ravenpaw and Barley house them.

Unfortunately, these rogues aren’t quite what they seem.

Missed Potential

So, I loved two things about this book. The first was the connection between Ravenpaw and Barley. It was sweet and a real selling point for sharing great friendships. The second was how Ravenpaw connected so well with the kits and the moment of conflict this brought to him. Was he lonely with Barley? Did he need more companionship? It’s one of those touching moments that’s also centered around self-needs and life choices. And I just really appreciated it.

Otherwise, I think the plot was fairly predictable. Simply by virtue of how the artwork was done, you knew something nefarious was going to happen. There really wasn’t a lot of room for mystery. And despite Ravenpaw’s connection with some of the cats, the kits in particular, there was no way this event would end well.

Unfortunately, however, I feel like that external conflict took so much potential away from the internal conflict Ravenpaw was feeling.

Battles, Battles Galore

I think the thing that this story did poorly was center everything so much around upcoming battles. I get that these are warrior cats and much of the stories are centered around these giant fights that have to happen, but…why? Some of them feel so pointless. Do cats really have nothing better to do than fight over territory and food?

Maybe that’s a stupid question.

It’s not like these books have to conform to realistic behavior, anyway.


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