It’s a hard sight to take.

I genuinely do feel like the more of Erin Hunters’ mangas I read, the more I don’t care for them. This is probably most true of the Ravenpaw’s Path series. All illustrated by James L. Barry, they just always seem to be off in terms of characterization. Granted, that’s probably because this version of Erin Hunter is actually Dan Jolley. And I just don’t think he captures the characters even half was well as the novel authors.

I know we’re doing the right thing. I can feel it.

A Clan in Need follows the previous Ravenpaw’s Path manga, Shattered Peace. Ravenpaw and Barley have been forced out of their barn home by the ruthless BloodClan cats and, in their desperation, turn to Firestar–leader of ThunderClan–for help. Firestar, having promised to be there for the two cats in any time of need is eager to help.

If only ThunderClan didn’t have problems of their own.

Thus, part two of Ravenpaw’s follow up story is centered around the help he and Barley provide the ThunderClan cats. Conflict arises from the remnants of BloodClan, the main danger in the final book of the fist series. I feel like this story follows an incredibly predictable path and sort of just feels like a filler episode. It’s nice to see the characters we’ve grown to love again, but the transition to a vague commentary about gangs and gang problems isn’t great.

But those kits with her…

Honestly, I think the coolest part about this series is the kits. They all make a very short appearance, but when you can compare them to what you know of the second series, it’s actually a pretty cool cameo. These are the cats who will be most important in the coming books and, if you’ve already read them, it’s exciting to see these brief nods to their importance.

And, of course, Crowkit is as grumpy as a young furball as he is later on in his life.

We need your help, Firestar.

In general, I don’t love the artwork of the mangas and I don’t love the writing. This story in particular is massively filler-esque. Aside from nods to old and new characters, there’s nothing that really stands out to me as impressive. Plus, there’s this entire side plot about young cats being stolen by BloodClan for initiation that…could’ve been interesting.

But, I dunno. It feels like the only purpose for this was to make the BloodClan cats seem even more awful which, quite frankly, we didn’t really need. We already don’t like these characters. A gang initiation commentary is really stupid here if you’re not going to do anything with it. The conflict is resolved pretty quickly and then we lead into the set up for part three…getting Ravenpaw and Barley’s home back.


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