“The truth is, the world is a fucked up place sometimes.”

Oh, I don’t think it’s really possible for me to recommend Cristin Terrill’s All Our Yesterdays enough. This is one of those books that just sort of shocks you the whole way through. And it does this well.

This is a book I finished in little less than a day.

It’s fairly rare that I find books like this which have made me feel so engrossed that I literally spent all my time reading it.

I almost regret having to tell him this. No one should be confronted with the depths of darkness they’re capable of all at once.

When I say this is a book you don’t want to miss, I mean it.

I can’t recall a better time travel book nor can I recall better stakes. The emotion of Terrill’s novel is amazing. And, in truth, this so intrinsically tied in to the exceptional plot that I can’t help but sing praises for nearly every aspect of this book.

So, if you’re looking for a time travel story with an adorable burgeoning couple, high stakes, and intensely emotional moments please look no further than here.

This is a seriously underrated book in my opinion and deserves so much more praise.

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