Photographing almost nothing but puppies for six months is like chasing the sun and never seeing it set.

+ Adorable puppy pictures!
+ Learning opportunities!
+ Family friendly content.
+ Adorable puppies!

Puppy Life is such a fun and wholesome little book. I would say it’s moderately educational, providing a fair amount of data about puppies that I feel is honestly ideal for family reading. Though it doesn’t go super in-depth about anything, the book comes alongside a great deal of absolutely adorable puppy photos documenting the first 8 weeks of various puppies’ lives.

Overall, it was a lot of fun moving from one litter to the next, seeing each of the various puppies in the beginning stages of their lives. I loved that this wasn’t just a book of pictures, however, and included a lot of fun little factual pieces not only about the puppies themselves–Great Danes being larger and having a very different development than that of a toy breed–but about puppies in general as they go through each phase of their early development.

Though this likely isn’t a book I’d pick up and read often, it’s definitely one that I’d recommend for any family looking at learning about puppies.


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