I Like This Color!

+ Adorable story!
+ Great message!

I loved I Like This Color so much! This was an absolutely adorable children’s book about conflict and, at least in some small way, conflict resolution. Overall, the book is pretty simple in terms of storytelling, we really only see Duck and Cluck deciding to paint a page and having an argument about which color is better to use. As their argument builds, so too does the fervor with which they paint or color the side of their page, resulting in some out of bounds coloring.

Suddenly, a single color is no longer the primary view of their page and both Duck and Cluck learn a very important lesson together.

I Like This Color is a simple, easy-to-read and engaging children’s book that’s well worth adding to your kiddo’s collection. I’m truly a huge fan of the story, the artwork, and the message it sends. It may very well end up on a shelf for my students sometime soon.


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