38462700So, funny thing about this particular book cover, Angel and Bavar by Amy Wilson: I honestly was convinced that I’d already featured it before. But when I went to look for the cover love post that featured this utterly gorgeous cover, I couldn’t find it. So I either lost the post somehow or I was simply misguidedly remembering the times I saw this book cover and thought about how much I wanted to buy it and how much I loved it. And can you blame me, really? I mean, just look at how pretty that is. I have to admit, my initial assumption about this book just from swiftly glancing at the cover is to think of Anastasia, particularly the animated film that was a huge part of my childhood. From the gate, to the snow, to the girl walking forward and away from our view I see so many similarities. But then when I look further, I see the strange, almost Burrow-esque castle with a dragon hanging out on one of the top spires. And that’s where the similar feeling kind of breaks away.

Angel and Bavar, however, is a Beauty and the Beast retelling. And once you know this, which you can also find out from the text up at the top of the cover, it changes a little bit about your viewpoint. Suddenly you understand the girl and the gate and the castle. The dragon is a bit confusing, which makes me wonder if the beast is more of a dragon in this particular retelling. I love the way the snow and the dying trees are mixed in with this idea of an enchantment, culminating in the fiery orange up behind the dragon, which I assume is the sunset but clearly represents a bit more. Ultimately, the castle confuses me as it looks more like a shack-castle than an enchanted castle. Still, it is incredibly beautiful. I also just really adore the text placement, which is something I often find myself disliking about various book covers, but Angel and Bavar has it done perfectly.

How do you feel about this cover? What do you like about it? What do you not like? Is it the sort of cover that will make you interested in the book or do you find it kind of off putting? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments?

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