5E78EB00-0FD4-4F5D-8A70-E6ADD1FB2251Oh my goodness, I just adore this cover so damn much. I may have added this book to my to-read list solely because of the cover, though the premise does sound rather interesting, now that I’ve reviewed it. There’s just something about the way the mask takes over the page and the eerie look it takes on with the cracks that really pops out to me.

I guess, in a sense, I’m rather fond of masks in general. The castle is somewhat unassuming, but it still adds a really nice feel to the cover and then the coloring is just phenomenal! I just have so much love for the design colors and the text. I’d definitely be thrilled to have this one on my bookshelf.

As always, happy reading, everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Fawkes [by Nadine Brandes] Cover Appreciation

  1. The cover is striking. I love the castle in the background and the mask in the foreground, with those cracks in it, too. It’s a well done cover, for sure. Happy reading!

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