leviathan2It’s Friday! Usually the last day of work for me, the last day of the week at school for my kiddos, and the day Reader Fox celebrates a fantabulous cover for being absolutely gorgeous. This week’s cover gem is a book that I have been in love with for years. I’ve adored both the story and the illustrations from the very first day it came out and this is one of those novels that has held a special place in my captured heart from the very moment I read it. Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld, a series that follows young Prince Aleksander as he runs from those who would see him dead and Deryn Sharp, a girl with her heart set on a life as an airshipman, a job only permitted to young boys as they live through the alternate universe of World War I.

leviathan1This book has two covers, much to my own personal dismay as it merely means I will be spending more money to have them both on my shelf at some point in the future, and while I love them both, I must admit that the second is my favorite if only because it matches the covers used for the second and third books more. Cover number one is on the right and cover two is on the left. Now, I’m pretty in love with steampunk by itself which leads to my immense love of the covers, but there’s definitely something majorly brilliant about the look of the main character in the second version of the book and the airship in the background. And the best thing about these illustrations and the cover art is the fact that there are more wonderful and absolutely beautiful illustrations scattered throughout all three novels.

We can thank the wonderful Keith Thompson for his amazing art in these books, only adding to how much I am in love with this series. Definitely check out his website because his artwork is phenomenal! And I’m honestly so glad I was able to find the cover artist for these books in order to give him credit today.

Happy reading!

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