It’s Friday!! And officially time for one of my all-time favorite post series’. Unfortunately, this is yet another instance in which I was unable to find the cover artist for the book despite my efforts. I genuinely do feel that this is something we, as writers and book lovers, and especially the publishers should work on making available to the public. These artists deserve the credit, after all.

mugThis week’s book is Magic Under Glass by Jaclyn (Jackie) Dolamore and its cover is gorgeous. When I first saw it I just couldn’t stop staring. There’s an interesting story around this book’s cover, namely that there was some anger about the fact that the original cover featured a white woman and I’m not sure if that is what led to this cover being made, but either way I’m glad that it was. Now, I haven’t read the book just yet so I have no way of knowing whether this was unacceptably whitewashed in the beginning, though I’ll admit that it’s probably likely. We have a problem with that in our country, unfortunately.

As for the cover, I just love the way the glass cover encapsulates the scene It’s all kinds of adorable and beautiful and it definitely gives of a very ballet air (especially where her dress is concerned). I’m not sure if that was intentional or not, but I am quite fond of it regardless. I think the pinks work well with the overall theme of the cover. The only part that I don’t love is the text, mainly because it doesn’t look as smooth as everything else in the image. Where there are no choppy lines anywhere else, the blue text of the title appears jagged in places and I feel like that kind of takes away from the visual appeal of the cover. Of course, this is only a small thing and is by no means significant. I still love the cover as is.

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