rogue princessI’m fairly certain that my adoration for the cover of Rogue Princess by B. R. Myers comes largely from the person whom I can only assume is the princess there on the front of the cover. She weirdly reminds me of a mixture of Rapunzel and Odette, with her long hair traveling down her back in that intricate braid and the rather swan-like white dress she is wearing. While I can’t quite tell if it is meant to be the sea or the sky or both in front of her, I love how the green fades into a brief light blue and then pink. It’s incredibly eye-catching and as a result there’s no question about the fact that I’d love to have this book on my shelf.

Honestly, the only thing I don’t care for with this book is the text. The font is, simply, awful. It reminds me far too much of video games–though admittedly I would laugh at myself if this is about a video game, I very much doubt it is–and really just looks incredibly out of place on this cover. I don’t think the phrase “a tale of love and duty” is really necessary, either and honestly it really takes away from the cover overall. I feel as though it would be better off if they’d simply put the author’s name in the center at the bottom. And while I love the colors they have for the text–the title is especially exceptional, matching her hair–the font itself is not working.

What are your thoughts on this cover? Is there anything you like? Love? Do you agree or disagree with me about the title? What do you like least? Let me know your answers in the comments!

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