wishThis is the first time I’ve ever chosen a children’s book for Cover Love Friday, an honestly surprising fact since there are actually a great number of gorgeously illustrated children’s books out there. Wish by Chris Saunders is on a whole new level, though, as far as I’m concerned. I mean, how could you look at this cover and not love it? Everything about it is gorgeous and wonderful. From the absolutely captivating and entrancing nature of the scene, to the wishes floating like dandelion seeds through the light green forest. And then there’s the rabbit, who stands out as a bright light against the darker facets of the forest. And it becomes incredibly clear that the wishes are the brightness in the forest, a kind of light in the darkness situation, if you will. It is precisely the wish that the rabbit is staring up at, what looks like a sun at the top of the page.

Now, obviously if you have not read the book yet you probably have no idea what I mean when I say the word “wish.” I wouldn’t have, either. But all those dandelion fluff pieces floating about end up being wishes in the story and therefore it explains, a little bit, why they are such a bright focal point of the cover. This illustration gives everyone a really good idea of what the rest of the book is going to look like, since we’re mainly expecting there to be a bunch of illustrations due to the nature of the book itself. I happen to really love this cover, finding the artwork exquisite and the coloring beautiful. Even the title is well-placed, though I wouldn’t be opposed to moving it below the rabbit so that we can see the bright wish at the top a little better.

What are your thoughts on this cover? Do you love it? Hate it? Is it something you think you’d make visible on your shelf or no?Let me know in the comments!

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