30312617I honestly just love, love, love middlegrade book covers. I don’t know about you, but I’d probably pick up a lot more adult fiction books if they had amazing covers like the ones meant for kids. I know they say not to judge books by their covers–and, for the most part, I don’t–but damn if it doesn’t help get the attention of readers. I can’t fathom why some people choose the most dull and boring, just plain yucky covers for their novels. And the ones that immediately come to mind when I think of terrible, terrible covers that you will never once see me feature on a cover love Friday are the idiotic and bleh covers that people choose for mystery/crime/thriller fiction. I just cannot with how awful those covers are to look at. I swear.

This cover here is one of my favorites. I love the green and gold mix in the coloring. Especially in the way that the green blends in with the darkness and the creepy figures in the background. The mechanical facets to the image are so cool to look at and they definitely give you an air of treasure hunting adventure. I just adore it so damn much.

The gold mixture sends that treasure hunting adventure idea home with the brilliance of the title, included in such a way that it actually looks like it belongs there in the picture (though I imagine that’d be quite a silly thing to find). There’s honestly just so much genius in the text placement on this cover and I will likely be the most impressed with this one for a very long time. I love how it is incorporated into the cover in a way that makes it incredibly realistic for the text to be there. And of course having the characters there, running across the gold bridge panel adds to the overall feel of the cover. You really get the sense that this cover is telling you a story all on its own.

What are your thoughts on this cover? Do you love it as much as I do? Hate it? What are your opinions of middlegrade covers vs adult fiction covers? What do you think about mystery/crime/thriller covers? Do you agree that middlegrade is way better? Let me know in the comments! Happy reading everyone!

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