the bear and the nightingaleI’m sure a number of you have already seen this book before; The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden is a book that I’ve seen all around the place. From what I understand it’s fairly popular, and it should be as it’s a rather fun, unique, and interesting read. I greatly enjoyed my time with this book some time ago, though unfortunately its sequel is still painfully sitting on my TBR waiting for me to go ahead and pick it back up. But I digress; we’re not here today to talk about the novel as a whole but rather to appreciate the beauty that comes with simply looking at the cover. And what a wonderful beauty it is.

The beauty of this cover really begins and culminates with the light that brightens the cottage and the figure in front of it at the bottom of the page. The fog of the winter below really sets the scene for what to expect from the novel and also pulls you in. You’re left wondering what is going on in the scene before you and somewhat eager to read the book and answer the questions you have as to the winter-y setting. There’s a forest surrounding the entire cottage and it looks as though this is set in a rather secluded place, succumbing to an isolation of sorts. And the trees tower above the cottage, even above the title. I love the blends of colors, the blues, whites, and golden that really set the feelings you’re going to get from the book. And the text placement is pretty spot on, especially as they had put a banner over the trees to hold the title.

How do you feel about this cover? Does it pull you in or drive you away? Do you like the color scheme? The text placement? Leave your thoughts below in the comments! And happy reading!

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