the beastHere’s another book where I was almost positive that I’d already featured it’s cover. I know I’ve at least talked to someone about how much I adored Lindsay Mead’s cover for her novel, The Beast. And where there have been an amazing number of Beauty and the Beast retellings over time, this is one that I am looking forward to immensely. You see, this novel isn’t just your average Beauty and the Beast retelling. It involves steampunk! And, as a very strong lover of all things steampunk, I couldn’t possibly be more excited to give this one a read. I just love when magic and machinery are all mixed into one and oh my goodness is it just utterly gorgeous to look at. And speaking of gorgeous, have you really taken a close look at this cover yet?

Here’s the breakdown for me. That rose? I love it. I love the metal flower petals. I love the way that it was all incorporated into a mix of cogs, like a clockwork time-bomb rose. I weirdly, despite the fact that my favorite color is actually green, wish that the gem in the middle were red instead, kind of just to match my picture for what a rose would typically look like. Plus, I feel like it would be more eye-catching and recognizable to readers if it were red. All the clockwork machinery behind the rose is breathtaking to me and it makes me really curious to learn how the enchantment is going to work within the realm of this story. I really hope that the book lives up to the expectations that I have for it, which are pretty high after that cover, so…

How do you feel about this retelling cover? What do you think of the mix of Beauty and the Beast and a steampunk theme? Does the cover make you want to pick up the book or no? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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One thought on “The Beast [Lindsay Mead] Cover Love Friday!

  1. I honestly would never have thought that was a rose on the cover, but now that you mention it, I see it! I do also wish that part of it was red.

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