the dark mageSo, my first thought when I saw this cover was…is that Daenerys? Quite frankly, I’m still not entirely sure that it’s not. That said, this is actually a pretty epic book cover. I’d not heard of the book until I got the e-mail earlier this week, thanks to an ad coming from Amazon to tell me about this series (which has some more epic covers, so if you like this one you should definitely check out the others). Overall there’s a lot to appreciate about the cover for The Dark Mage by Jace Mitchell and Michael Anderle and only one thing that I can truly think to complain about, so let’s jump in.

As an avid fan of Daenerys (and Emilia Clarke) the resemblance leaves it as no surprise that I’m pretty fond of the girl on the cover here. She’s got one of those epic and brilliant outfits, basically battle armor from my understanding. And it’s gorgeous. The dark figure behind her is just the right amount of creepy as he uses his powers, though I have to admit I can’t quite tell whether he is meant to be the villain or not. My money is on yes, but I’m not sure.

I love the colors of this cover, especially how they blend together with the rather foreboding background of what looks to be a crumbling city. Even the text color and placement is brilliant, shining in front of the characters and perfectly aligned. Of course, this all changes when you look to the top of the book–why, again, why do people see a need to put the series and number of the book on the FRONT? That belongs on the side only–and that text and weird looking symbol kind of takes a lot away from the cover. Other than, that, however, it’s pretty amazing overall.

What are your thoughts on this cover? Do you see a resemblance to Daenerys, too? How do you feel about the coloring? The text placement? Do you have any guesses about this story based on its cover? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below! And happy reading, everyone!

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