Hey everyone! Do you all remember that sort of surprise I told you about a few weeks ago? The one I was crazy excited for? Well, today’s the day and it’s time to finally reveal this amazing cover for The Navigator, sequel to Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown’s The Wendy! I had some early access to this cover and was even able to give advice on it as the artist was in progress of making it for the authors, which was such an exciting experience.

And the wait to reveal this gorgeous piece has been worth it. I’m so thrilled to be able to share The Navigator with you all! It’s the sequel to one of the best (or really, the best) Peter Pan retelling I’ve ever had the pleasure to come across! So, check out the brilliant cover, add it to your TBR via Goodreads links above, read the synopsis, maybe pre-order? Trust me, this is a book worth reading. Hopefully, you’ll fall in love with it as much as I have.

the navigator

In this eagerly awaited second volume of the acclaimed Tales of the Wendy series, Wendy’s troubles are far from over. Hook wants her in irons, the crew wants to throw her overboard, and Pan’s magical compass is the only thing standing in their way. But Pan himself is nowhere to be found.
When a new everlost captain appears on the horizon, it will take everything Wendy has to survive. 
And a tiny red dragon will set events in motion that could save or doom them all.

And honestly, if this looks and sounds like a book you’d read, I would highly suggest pre-ordering yourself a copy. iBooks | Kindle | Kobo | Nook From what I can tell, only e-book format is available at the moment, but I will definitely update everyone once physical copy pre-orders are available. 

Expect a bunch of squealing about this book in the future; I couldn’t shut up about the first one last year and I imagine it will be much the same with this one.

The Navigator will be available on October 8th of this year.

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