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Honestly, I have a feeling before I even begin compiling names for this list that a lot of them are going to come from The Lunar Chronicles. I just love these characters so much that I can’t imagine not wanting to be friends with them all. But, in the interest of trying to include some from other books, I’ll definitely try to keep it to a select few from those books.

I do think that the hardest part about this list is imagining myself as friends with these characters, just because it makes my mind drift to imagining myself in the story with them, which is something that occasionally I feel will throw it off. I don’t quite fit. Most of the time, anyway.

10. Heart [Heart and Brain Comics]

I would follow Heart to the ends of the world, acting like Brain the whole entire time.

9. Agatha [The School for Good and Evil]

A part of me feels like this one is self-explanatory, but then none of you really know my friend Martha so perhaps it’s not.

8. Lou [Me Before You]

A quirky, somewhat bookish girl who stays in for most of her life and gets a job caring for someone? Yeah, I can definitely see a friendship of some sorts there.

7. Cassie [The 5th Wave]

I do see a lot of myself in Cassie. And this definitely plays a huge role in how she ended up on this list. She’s a little more badass than I am or likely ever could be, but I definitely imagine I could have been friends with her.

6. Remy [This Lullaby]

Remy is more likely the one from this book that I’d have been friends with, to be honest. I love her clique of girls and they do somewhat match something where I might have fallen in with them. This is one of the few stories where I look at the idea of me being included as a friend and don’t think it throws off the book as a whole, which is nice.

5. Dexter [This Lullaby]

An adorkable clumsy pants, Dexter and I have a fair amount in common.

4. Peeta [The Hunger Games]

I totally could have seen myself as a friend of Peeta’s back in his district before his name got pulled for him to enter the Hunger Games.

3. Cress [The Lunar Chronicles]

This is a likely but unlikely character, largely just because I see so much of myself in Cress that it’s hard to say she’d be my friend and I wouldn’t be her. Still, at the end of the day she does fit fairly well.

2. Carswell [The Lunar Chronicles]

He’s mainly on this list because I love him dearly. And I always gravitated toward the type who was likely to be the class clown who, sometimes, got all the girls. The hopeless flirt bit makes this slightly less likely, but even so I’m in love with him so of course he’s on this list.

1. Cinder [The Lunar Chronicles]

Honestly, she’s probably the most likely person from the entire series that I could see myself being friends with. Perhaps it would be out of circumstance or, mainly, personality. At the end of the day, Cinder really fits in with the kind of people I’ve had as friends in the past.

And that’s everything for today! Happy reading, everyone!

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