It’s Monday, which means it’s time for a book tag. This time around I’ve been participating in a sort of modified alphabet challenge to include books that I’ve read as well as books that I’d like to read beginning with each letter of the alphabet. I’ve included a read for each star rating, a fun little way to bring to light books I loved and books I didn’t care too much for.

There were so many books for this one that I wanted to include and I had a majorly difficult time deciding upon one. The only book that was an easy choice was the to-be-read book simply by virtue of the fact that a great number of the potential books I could have chosen used the word “Beast.” I almost chose something different for my five star book, but The Bells really was the best choice in the end.

5 Star B Read:

The Belles

4 Star B Read:

back to the divide

3 Star B Read:

the bear and the nightingale

2 Star B Read:

between the lines

1 Star B Read:

the book of luke

TBR B Read:


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