I’m actually really excited about my H books. The five star one is, I believe, a rather hidden gem that everyone should pick up at some point when they get the chance and the four star read is a pretty fantastic in a way that allowed me to become so thoroughly immersed within a fantastical story. It’s not my favorite nutcracker retelling, but it is an amazing one.

As for the others, I liked Nancy Drew as a child and the final two were books I just hated for various reasons. I think it’s safe to say that I don’t think they were worth reading. And I’m sure the majority of the Harry Potter fandom would agree with me on the one star. As far as the Cinderella book goes, I’m not sure if the it came before or after the new live action remake, but I’ve wanted to read it for a long time now.

5 Star H Read:


4 Star H Read:


3 Star H Read:

the hidden staircase

2 Star H Read:

the history of love

1 Star H Read:

harry potter and the cursed child

H TBR Read:

have courage and be kind cinderella

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