I have to admit that the books beginning with I aren’t any of my favorites, but there are some good reads here. And I am really looking forward to picking up The Intuitives. I bought it a little while ago and I keep meaning to read it, I just haven’t found the time. I will eventually, though.

As for the lower rated novels, I have a large amount of hate for Ignite Me and the massive amount of abuse it romanticizes. I will never forgive this book for supporting the ludicrous, disgusting, and dangerous idea that it’s okay for a boy to treat you horribly in the name of “love” all because he was broken by one of his parents. I don’t care how broken you are, it still gives you no excuse to hurt others.

5 Star I Read:

the infinite sea

4 Star I Read:


3 Star I Read:

ice cracker II

2 Star I Read:

I Can't Tell You Why

1 Star I Read:

ignite me

I TBR Read:

the intuitives

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