I almost didn’t have enough books for this letter! And that’s a surefire sign that I need to read more books beginning with J, right? I really love Sarah Dessen novels, so it’s no wonder that this book ended up here on the list. The Divide is a wonderful series of novels that I loved as a kid and still adore for their beautiful covers. As for James Potter, it’s a fanfiction that sort of turned into a novel and then a series which I’ve wanted to read for a very long time now but for some reason just kept forgetting about. I’m not sure if the original website still exists, but if it does I’d definitely check it out since from what I read, it’s infinitely better than the trash that is Cursed Child.

5 Star J Read:

Just Listen

4 Star J Read:

jinx on the divide

3 Star J Read:

just for clicks

2 Star J Read:

the jaguar's jewel

1 Star J Read:


J TBR Read:

james potter and the hall of the elder's crossing

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