It might be a tad late for this, but I’m only just catching up to it after having spent Thanksgiving surrounded by people–I’m going to need a month to recuperate, I swear–and now finally have time to actually be with myself, ironically only now that I’m on the flight home. Thanksgiving is not my holiday, really. But how could I pass up an opportunity for a fun tag like this?

116892BREAD — the book is purely fluff with no real plot

I…don’t think I know many of these. Ultimately, I have a hard time insinuating that a book might not have a plot and spent quite a number of minutes searching through my Goodreads “Read” list in order to find one that matched my picture for what this particular part of the tag is asking for. I mean, most books have some sort of plot, even if it’s pedestrian or not well thought out. I wanted to pick a book that I liked but ultimately decided to go with The Alphabet of Manliness by Maddox, a rather trash and annoying book that I would never recommend to anyone and only read because it was handed to me. Certainly an utter waste of my time. Which is a shame, because bread is honestly one of my favorite foods.

08E87095-A3C4-4FC2-BDC9-B7C7A619EB77TURKEY — the book that made you want to sleep

I’m sure that there’s a better one for this, but more recently it was Toxic by Lydia Kang. I don’t know what it was about this book that was so hard to get into, but I fell asleep reading it several times and never found myself really caring about most of the characters. It’s a shame, really, because I really liked the idea and plot behind it all, but something along the way just left me feeling rather bored with it.

img_7897STUFFING — the book “stuffed” with action scenes

Oooh, The Train to Impossible Places could fit this one! I adored this novel by P. G. Bell, finishing it rather quickly as it was the sort that truly was difficult to put down. And once the action began, it never really took a moment to end, which was exciting in a lot of ways. As a middle-grade novel, this is the sort that I would love to give to just about every 10-year-old I know. Maybe even younger, depending on their reading level. It was so much fun and never once left me feeling bored in any way.

10507293MASHED POTATOES — the book looked good, and then it wasn’t

Oh my gosh, The Selection by Kiera Cass. I should have given up on this series long before I finished it, but I was so hoping that the author wouldn’t ruin everything. Naturally, I was proven quite wrong and found myself utterly devastated by the turn of events. It was just, frankly, quite awful and far too predictable for me. I couldn’t stand the choices Cass made for her main character and the worst part of it all was that I had been enormously excited to read these books because of how amazing they sounded. Turns out, they were just a gigantic disappointment.

PassengerCRANBERRIES — the book with the sweetest romance

In an effort not to pick the same book I always choose for this–*cough*Cress*cough*–in this case I’m going to say Passenger by Alexandra Bracken. Etta and Nicholas are such an adorable and real couple that I love them to pieces. Everything about their journey was amazing and you go through such an up and down, supporting them both every step of the way. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the way they fall for each other and the progressive beauty of their relationship as it develops. I will forever be head over heels for these two.

15842439CORN — the corniest book you’ve ever read

There was one that I read recently where I couldn’t stop myself from rolling my eyes every three seconds, certain aspects of it were so cheesy. But, I think if I had to pick the corniest ever, I’d probably go with Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. And it was corny in a good way because I really enjoyed the whole aspect of it all and the fact that their hearts were restarting because they were able to feel. But you definitely can’t look at this book’s premise and claim it isn’t cheesy.

Harry Potter and the Methods of RationalityGREEN BEANS — the book that’s too long and maybe needs to be shorter

I’m slightly against this just on account of the fact that I don’t like the idea of shortening any book, but Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality definitely needed to be shortened…potentially to zero considering how bad it was for a premise that had a lot of potential. I’m perpetually disappointed about how difficult this book was to get through and how disappointingly inaccurate much of the science was. It could have been an utterly fantastic read, but the author just didn’t know what he was doing when it came to the idea.

cinderPUMPKIN PIE — the book you read to get out of your slump

And here I thought I could go a whole tag without actually choosing this series. Well, though I actually happen to hate Pumpkin Pie, the book I always read when I’m in a slump is Cinder by Marissa Meyer. I’ve talked about it a million and one times on this blog already, but I suppose I might as well accept that there will be a million and one times more. I can’t escape it, these books are my life.

DOG/CAT — that food you steal from the table (preferably when no one is watching)

Hahahaha, this is the bread! I told you I liked the bread!

As always, it’s been a pleasure. Happy reading, everyone!

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