So, I’ve been thinking lately about something I could fill my Sunday posts with—though of course this does require getting back into my post schedule which I’ve unfortunately fallen behind on (thanks puppy!)—and I think I’ve found something I genuinely think will be brilliant. I want to link to reviews I love from other people’s blogs.

Of course, I feel like there’s a logistics to this that involves permission since I wouldn’t want to start doing this without other people being aware of it. Though surprises can be fun, I think ultimately I want to keep this to people who’d like to participate. And while this post is partially just rambling about my idea, I’d also like it to be open for anyone to opt in if they comment.

And basically my hope is to support other book bloggers in the community as well.

So, rules…cause there are a few:

  • You must be a book blogger — or at the very least you must write book reviews that I will be able to feature.
  • Leave your link in a comment below if you’re cool with me writing a post and linking back to your blog via reviews you’ve written that I like.
  • I’ll only be posting one a week on Sundays (barring me getting busy), so depending on the number of people interested, don’t be bummed if I don’t get to one of yours right away.
  • You don’t have to follow me to be eligible (though it’d be nice). This is about supporting other book bloggers, after all, and I think it’d be a silly requirement for me to have.

And that’s it, really. I just need to be able to know where to find your reviews, mainly. But it’s gotta be book reviews! This is a book blog, after all!

Happy reading everyone!


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One thought on “Future Sunday Book Blogger Support!

  1. Tq so much for doing this! Mine’s Will definitely follow you! Hate to say this but my blog is in some desperate need of love 😑 Would be nice to see you there too! ❤️ You have a lovely blog btw ❤️

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