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love this theme, though I’m a little anxious I won’t have enough books to show for it. I tend to read books with a couple that I can ship, after all. It’s just sort of something I’ve always deeply loved and so here we are. But, I’m going to give it my best. Honestly, we need more books that center around platonic friendships. Romance should not be the default and I truly believe that readers need to see more realism in their novels, at least in regards to this particular aspect of society.

Ultimately, I ordered these based on some of the best portrayed ones and not exactly as far as my favorites would go.

IMG_062310. Stanley and Hector (Zero) from Holes

In truth, I doubt this book would have gone in any other direction than platonic friendship for these two. But it was a really wonderful friendship for a lot of reasons, with both characters genuinely happy to help each other. And so much learning and compassion was involved in this friendship which frankly just makes me really happy for the both of them. Plus, in a wonderful portrayal, their friendship becomes rewarding in so many great ways.

94759. Charlie and Emma from the Charlie Bone Series

These two are wonderful and adorable. The Charlie Bone series is pretty much chalk full of platonic friendships, though, because it’s heavily middle-grade and doesn’t really have any focus on relationships as it comes to dating. Charlie and Emma are a pretty key focus in the first book and later become exceptional friends in a large group of good people.

Eragon8. Eragon and Saphira from Eragon

Is this cheating because Saphira’s a dragon? I’m not entirely sure, but I mean…they have a really strong platonic friendship, so it counts, right? I genuinely felt that their strong connection fit this category exceptionally well, but it is true that they are so far different species that even a consideration of them “together” would have been ludicrous. Even so, other books have managed it with shape shifting so there’s that.

The Truth About Forever7. Macy and Kristy from The Truth About Forever

adore these two. Kristy in particular, largely because she’s kind of the friend I always wanted and I always saw quite a bit of myself in Macy. Not to mention that my best friend in high school had some similar personality quirks to Kristy and their names are pretty similar. They just developed a really wonderful friendship over the course of the novel, rivaled only by Macy’s friendship with Wes, but of course that one didn’t stay platonic.

36. Harry and Hermione from Harry Potter

I honestly hate when people ship these two together. It’s thoroughly infuriating for a friendship that does so exceptionally well platonically to be diminished by people who think they should be together, ultimately trying to force them into a relationship. It’s not cool to be pushing relationships where there are none in real life and while it’s less annoying to do so in fiction, it still frustrates me. Harry and Hermione had a really brilliant friendship that was wonderfully brother-sister-esque and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Winter5. Scarlet and Winter from The Lunar Chronicles

These two have a wonderfully unique friendship and I have loved every second of it since I was first introduced to them together. Just the way they interact with each other and the slow build of their friendship based wholly on their differing personalities was exciting and fun to read. I was enamored with their interactions from the start and continued to be throughout the course of the entire series.

8704. Roy Mustang and Maes Hughes from Fullmetal Alchemist

So, this is a manga, but it’s definitely still literature. A wonderful and impressive story with some of the most amazing characters I’ve ever met. This friendship both fills me with joy and breaks my heart all at once and if you’ve read the manga or seen the series, you’ll understand why.

cinder3. Cinder and Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles

Come on, you all knew that there was no way I wouldn’t find a way to include Thorne, didn’t you? These two characters are amazing and I adore them both separately and together. We get a whole book that alternates from their developing friendship as it tells its story and, I’ll be honest, that’s the book where I fell in love with his character. Cinder’s dry wit and Thorne’s goofy humor do exceptionally well together and I love them both so much for it.

Wayfarer2. Nicholas and Sophia from Wayfarer

These two begin as enemies who basically hate each other, but they develop a rather strong friendship as they learn about one another’s struggles and lives. Though the friendship initially begins as one of convenience, within an attempt to gain something for themselves, it slowly develops into something more. And I think that’s what I love most about the whole thing, really. They began with misunderstandings, dislike, and a true disinterest in the other’s life and eventually managed to find a way to appreciate and care for each other with every minute spent trying to further understand where they are each coming from.

Curio1. Grey and Whit from Curio

Ironically, this is the platonic friendship that I didn’t want to be a platonic friendship when the novel began. I almost feel as though I was duped into believing that they would become a couple merely on account of the typical process that most YA novels follow, especially with the beginning that this one had. And, suddenly, the novel is going in an entirely different direction and these two characters are, in fact, only friends. And it works, in a way I hadn’t initially thought it would. Now, if only Denmark would write the sequel!

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