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I’m actually surprised, now that I’ve written the bulk of this post, that I actually had ten different things that entice me to pick up a particular book. When I first saw the category for this week’s TTT, I’ll admit that I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t have enough. Sure, maybe six or seven, but ten? But now I can proudly present to you the top ten things that make me pick up a book (not read it, necessarily, but at least pick it up).

A side note on the title, it’s adapted from a song from a movie that I loved as a kid and the entire time I wrote this post I had that song stuck in my head. Bonus points to anyone who can figure out what the song or movie is. And I’ll even give an extra hint; the word novel is the biggest change I made with the other two replacing the word “do” with “will” and “take” with “pick” and the next lines are “now and forever.”

10. Publicity

If I don’t know a book exists, chances are I’m not going to pick it up. And so, yes, publicity and my own personal awareness of a book’s presence within the world is going to affect what I pick up. And that can be a bit of an unfortunate thing, because the best books don’t always have the best publicity and I’ve noticed this quite a lot so just imagine all the books I, and you, have missed out on because of this.

9. Availability

If it’s more readily available than another book might be, chances of me picking it up are increased. There’s a reason why I’ll consistently buy books that I’ve found through bookbub because they let me know when some will be free. And I know that the quality of some of these books isn’t great. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s where I found More Than Friends by Monica Murphy which I never would have bought without it having been free and I regret everything about it because of the nature of abuse romanticism in that novel. So, there you go, I guess.

8. Boredom

I’ll pick up just about any book if I’m bored enough. And I think that’s really all I need to say on this particular matter.

7. Recommendations

Ironically I don’t use this one very often because I don’t typically trust a lot of the recommendations my friends and family makes. Most of the time they are simply not my style, other times the books haven’t even been very good. Let’s just say that I’m fairly certain the majority of my friends don’t share my personal preferences, but some of them are willing to read books with a lot less intellectual depth than I am and as such miss out on some frustrating pieces that I will occasionally notice. But, every once in a while I do find books that my friends have recommended that I enjoy.

6. Trusted Reviewers / Reviews

Reviews are my go to when I feel unsure about books more often than anything else, but they can also influence strongly whether I’ll pick up a book I’ve never heard of. I have some trusted reviewers that I turn to quite often when I want to know if I’ll like a book or not and I have some reviewers that I follow which I don’t agree with quite often and therefore look out for books she might not have liked in order to find the ones that I will. I do respect this reviewer immensely, though, and for the most part find her opinions well-thought and informational.

5. The Synopsis

If this didn’t sway my decision to pick up a book then there would be something wrong with me. I mean, honestly. This is the one piece of the book that is really going to let a reader know what kind of book to expect and so how could it not? This is where I get my first glimpse of the characters, of the plot, of everything! I need the synopsis in order to determine if I’m going to want to read the book and if I don’t have one then chances are that I’m not even going to bother considering to read it.

4. The Title

Titles can be catchy and intriguing. They give you an insight into the book you’re reading and can often make you question if you want to learn more. These are one of the first impressions you get of any book that you find and it can be lasting. You can learn a lot about a book based on its title and though I will admit that this can sometimes lead to misconceptions about a book, it’s still a great tool to use in getting a book to catch the eye of a reader and it’s definitely one that I look at regularly.

3. The Hype

Let’s just say curiosity gets the best of me a lot of the time. And whenever there’s a book that’s been hyped up a lot, well…I just manage to find myself grabbing onto it and giving it a read if only just to figure out what everything is all about. I don’t always agree with books that are hyped–and really, I would never expect that–but some have managed to blow me away in the past. So I consider it something worth looking into, if nothing else.

2. The Cover

I mean, I’d be lying if I said this didn’t influence me. Great covers are eye catching to the point that they do seriously influence whether or not I’ll pick a book up on first glance. While there are certainly other factors that will cause me to pick up a book, the cover is the one that makes me grab something randomly that I’d never seen before off a shelf more than anything else.

1. The Author

This is a surefire way to get me to pick up a book, but it only works if I’ve already read and loved one they’ve written prior. There’s nothing that will get me to pick up a book more quickly and make me more likely to do so than loving the author who wrote it.

And that’s all for this week. Until next time, happy reading everyone!

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  1. This is a great post! When you were first introducing it, I was similarly a bit hesistant about whether anyone can have 10 things that drive their decision to pick up a book. But now that you put it so well, I have to admit that my list would probably be identical to yours! I never really think about how much of an impact publicity and hype has on me, but I’m sure it affects me a lot.

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