Recently Watched (the last book you finished reading):


A recent reread, I just finished Winter by Marissa Meyer.

Top Pics (a book or books that have been recommended to you based on books you’ve read previously):

I dropped by Goodreads to pull the first three books off their recommendation list since it seemed a bit more like Netflix than simply listing the ones that have been personally recommended to me.

Recently Added (the last book you bought):

I just about died when I found out that this book was being published. It was honestly such an exciting moment that resulted in me immediately going to preorder it. And so even though I preordered a while ago, it came recently and is therefore the most recent book I bought.

Popular on Netflix (books that everyone knows about; two you’ve read and two you have no interest in reading):

Two that I’ve read:

Two that I will never read:

Comedies (a funny book):

heart and brain body language

Dramas (a character who’s a drama queen/king):

fullmetal alchemist

I have to say that Edward Elric is just about the most dramatic character I’ve ever read in my entire life.

Animated (a book with cartoons on the cover):

the bad beginning

This constitutes as a cartoon, right?

Watch it Again (a book or series that you want to reread):

I would reread this series a million and one times for the rest of my life. These books kind of represent that movie that you fall in love with and watch over and over again for the rest of forever.

Documentaries (a non-fiction book you’d recommend to everyone):

drawn to sex the basics

With the level to which our sex education in this country is completely abysmal, this book is honestly so essentially important for people to read. It includes a lot of information that people just unfortunately don’t have access to and is wonderfully diverse in its presentation.

Action and Adventure (an action-packed book):

the gatekeepers

I know it says book, but this series is just so full of action and so wonderful that I really couldn’t just pick one. And honestly, I’d recommend this book series to literally anyone. It’s so amazing.

New Releases (a book that just came out or will be out soon you can’t wait to read):

the princess and the fangirl

Ugh, I want to read this book so badly, it kills me just a little bit that I can’t read it already.

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