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lunarWhen I first wrote my Top Ten Tuesday post for this week, I specifically went out of my way to find books that were stand alone and didn’t have any form of sequels, not even one in the works. If it was part of a series or going to be part of a series, I didn’t include it. But now, after reading all of the posts that have been written–okay, only some, I doubt I could ever find and read all of them–I realized I made a grave mistake and decided that I needed to include this addendum to my list.

You see, if there’s anything I need more books from it is Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles. Which, yes, is a little hilarious since we all got Wires and Nerve and Stars Above, but really…I don’t think I could ever get enough of these amazing characters and their lives. And surely there are more fairytales to adapt and a new plot that can come up, right? Plus, the rest of them still need to get married. Basically, I’d take anything. A new series involving all my loves, a bunch of novellas to sate my thirst. Just more.

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