I believe it’s been about a week since I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award (I’ve tweaked the site name a bit since then, though it’s still Reader Fox), so it’s honestly really amazing that more than one person liked my blog enough to nominate me. You guys are truly the best. I’d like to thank Ivy @ Ivy’s Well Used Library Card for nominating me. You guys should all really go check out her blog, it’s pretty wonderful.

As with before, I’m still not sure who began this award, though if anyone knows and could point me to their blog so I could thank them as well, that would be wonderful!

I think the thing I appreciate most about this particular award is the fact that it’s different every time. I’m not answering the same pre-set questions that came from the creator, but rather a new set of questions from the person who nominated me. The fact that this award is always evolving is truly amazing to me.

The Rules

  1. Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award on your post and/or on your blog.

(In this case, I’m actually going to be skipping #3 on account of the fact that I did this little less than a week ago, however, I will likely come back at a later date when it hasn’t been such a short time in between and nominate some blogs for questions.)

Share your first book memory

My first book memory is from back when I was about five…and I recall sitting in my classroom at the time with this book about a young woman who’d been kidnapped (for some reason I can’t even begin to imagine) and a guy had to dress up in an alligator suit to go and save her. What’s funny about this memory is the fact that I really liked this book when I was little.

I haven’t been able to find it since and I admittedly find it rather frustrating and demeaning now that I look back on it, but as a kid I had been very much fed the “Prince saves the Princess” ideal that was super common back then. I don’t think it was ever done purposefully, since my parents definitely aren’t those kinds of people, but that was sort of the rhetoric of society, in a way. It’s sort of interesting to look back on pieces of my childhood that portray that and wonderful to see how far the world has come.

Who is your current favourite author and why?

Marissa Meyer!! I’ve probably said this far too many times on my blog thus far, but I just love her. She’s a wonderful writer, so wonderful that her very first book was just phenomenal. You know how it’s sometimes common place to give debut authors a bit of a break when their first ever book is just okay? Well, Meyer didn’t need that because her first ever book was fantastic. And she just got better and better for me. She created my favorite character of all time, Carswell Thorne, and I re-read The Lunar Chronicles at least twice every year. Her books mean a lot to me.

In a non-romantic way, which favourite character would you have dinner with? And where would you go?

A non-romantic dinner with a book character. Well, this one is gonna be hard. Okay, so this might be cheating a little bit, but I would love to have a dinner with Heart and Brain from The Awkward Yetti comic series. I would probably want to go to Denny’s, which is my guilty pleasure restaurant as I’m sure Heart would understand the choice. I just think it’d be really fun, in perhaps a monumentally strange way, to interact with the characters. Though, I suppose in a strange way I kind of already do? Haha.

Which book would you sacrifice your memory for, just so you could read it again and experience it as if you never read it before?

😱 That sounds terrifying! I feel like, in a way, we do this a little bit already because it’s not as though we find it easy to remember all the things going on in the books we’ve read. Returning to them is always a bit of a memory refresher. I think, if I had to pick for this one, though, I might go with This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen just because I feel like it would be really nice to meet Dexter all over again at the age I am now for the first time ever. There are very few books that I’d do this for, I think, because I’d have a hard time giving up all the amazing feelings that some of these books have given me just to experience it for the first time a second time.

Who is your favourite bookish pet/animal?

Fox, fox, fox, fox, fox. Okay, but in all seriousness, it would be the fox from Tbe Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. This one is a little difficult, ultimately, though, because of the fact that a lot of bookish animals that are in the stories I’ve read are more like companions than pets. But, I think, ultimately, the fox is the best. Though there’s always Sassy, Chance, and Shadow from Homeward Bound who all really fit into the “pet” category and Shadow has definitely always held a place in my heart (movie and book).

What is your most anticipated release in 2018? Why?

Ahhh, so this was The Wendy by Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown, but since that book came out in January and isn’t really an anticipated release anymore…I’m going to have to say Sea Witch by Sarah Henning. It just looks so fantastic and I really can’t wait to get a chance to read it. Just put it in my hands now please and I swear, I’ll have a review up in a day!

What is your favourite reading place?

Maybe this is weird, but I don’t have one? I will literally read anywhere and enjoy it and not even bother to be concerned about which place I prefer to read in. I’ve read on the floor, in bed, on the couch, outside, at work, in the car, you name it. And I’m not exactly particular? I mean, I think I prefer when I can relax…but of the places I’ve listed, the only place I can’t relax and read in is work. So, I guess, there you go.

What is your favourite type of books to review?

Hands down, this is anything from the Young Adult genre. The books are just…so much better than nearly every other book I’ve read? The characters are amazing, the stories are fantastic. If I were to get into a subset of the genre, I guess I would say I really enjoy reading and reviewing retellings. The unfortunate thing is that I’ve read so many and there are so many that it can often be incredibly difficult to find superbly written retellings, but I know I’m always reeling in joyous emotions on the occasions that I do.

What is your favourite type of blog to read? And what type of blog post are your favourite type to write?

I really enjoy reading reviews, but I’m always afraid of running across spoilers. So, in a weird roundabout way, I always end up skimming reviews unless it’s a book I’ve already read. Anytime anything hints at a spoiler I nope my way out of there so fast. I think, for me, the ones I enjoy writing the most are the cover appreciation posts. I can like a book, and love reviewing it, but I always tend to write an exuberance in my reviews and it’s nice to step away from that and write a little bit about how much I love a cover.

What inspired you to start a blog?

I always laugh when I come across this question because the answer is so simple and so self-serving. I started this blog because I wanted to have access to ARCs. I was told I needed one because Goodreads reviews weren’t good enough and here I am, over a year later.

What is the best thing about blogging?

The books, obviously! As much as I love and adore the community, honestly it’s so heartwarming to be able to interact with people who love reading as much as I do, at the end of the day, I’m here for the books that I love. And without that, I don’t know if I’d be here…because what else would I be talking about?

Thanks for dropping by! Happy reading!

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  1. Haha! Heart and Brain is a brilliant answer. What a dinner that would be! Can I join?

    Also agree with reading place and work not being the most relaxing. I do find nonfiction goes well as a lunch book as you don’t need to get swept away into the story.

    Sounds like I need to check out This Lullaby.

    Loved your answers. Thanks!

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