Not sure who started this tag since it wasn’t really included in the posts I found, so I’m just going to go for it as is.

The Bed vs. The Couch

I infinitely prefer the couch. Reading in the bed is great and all, but there are only so many positions you can manage. Especially when you don’t have a headboard or your headboard has holes in it (and by that I mean space for your books, which is awesome but makes it a useless resting spot). The couch, however, offers a multitude of reading positions that you can switch up constantly and it feels so much nicer.

Male MC vs. Female MC

This one’s tough for me, to tell you the truth. I don’t know if I actually have a preference? I primarily read YA, which means the kind of books I read lean pretty heavily toward female main characters, but I’ve really appreciated and enjoyed the male main characters that I’ve read as well. I’m a lot more biased toward good, well-developed and written characters than I am toward what gender is telling the story.

Sweet Snacks vs. Salty Snacks

I’m more of a sweet snack person in general, regardless of whether or not I’m reading. But I’ve been known to go to salty ones on occasion. I try not to eat while I read, though, cause I’m a major clutz and would likely spill whatever it is all over my books. And that’s just not a good idea.

Trilogies vs. Quartets

For me, this is a massively silly question. My personal philosophy is: the more books, the better! It’s as simple as that.

First Person vs. Third Person

I definitely prefer third person, but it’s not the sort of thing that will influence whether I read a book or not. Ultimately it’s kind of a preference that doesn’t matter to me. So, I wouldn’t think about it while reading or anything like that, but any further thought on the matter and I’d pick third person.

Night vs. Morning

Night. But ONLY because I like to sleep in. Then again, I haven’t been doing that much lately because of the puppy, so I’ve been reading in the morning, too. Better to say read at all times.

Libraries vs. Bookstores

Honestly, I prefer bookstores. Libraries are great and all, but you have to give the book back after you’re done with it, even if you really enjoyed reading it. And you dno’t have to do that with a bookstore. Ever. And that makes me happy. I love libraries, too, but I think they’re the sort of thing that I benefited from a lot when I was younger and just don’t need now as an adult as much (mainly because I don’t have the time to go over to one and Barnes and Noble is letgit a 10 minute walk away  from my home.

Laughter Inducing vs. Tear-Jerkers

You know, you’d think that I’d say books that make me laugh, but I have a tendency to go for the more emotional sort. I do infinitely prefer books that have both, though. The combination is really important to me and how much I’ll enjoy the story.

Black Covers vs. White Covers

I’m kind of baffled as to why this is a question? People actually have preferences for this? I guess if I had to answer, I’d choose black, but only because they’re less likely to get visibly dirty? And by that I just mean by being in my purse (which sometimes has makeup or pen spills).

Character Driven vs. Plot Driven

This is a no-brainer, really. Character driven, all the way. You can find books with no plots that have really good characters and manage to still be a fantastic read. You can’t have a book that has shit characters but a good plot succeed. At least, not in my experience. Characters make the book in the end, the plot just helps them along.

And that’s all for today, hope you’re all reading some awesome books this week!

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