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I don’t typically designate seasons to which books I’ll be reading, however, I do have a priority reading list which basically just features the books I’m hoping to get to next, so I figured I would feature that here for today’s TTT.

kill10. To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo

This is the closest to a Little Mermaid retelling that I’ve found so far–for some reason, they just haven’t found their way to my hands or they’re just not really out there as much as Cinderella is. Either way, I’m so excited about reading this one. I’ve been dying for a story like this for ages. Now, Lira isn’t a mermaid, she’s a siren. But either way, she comes from the ocean and she loses her voice and gains legs…so frankly, this book just has me hooked and I haven’t even read it yet!

granted9. Granted by John David Anderson

Granted just sounds exceptionally adorable. This book is, I believe, a Middlegrade novel, but it completely captivated me from the moment I saw it. It’s all about fairies and wishes and the cover is just so adorable! So, there’s really no wonder that I added this to my TBR and I’m hoping to get myself a copy of it sooner rather than later. As always, I never seem to have all the books I’m hoping to read next.

trouble8. The Trouble with Flying by Rochelle Morgan

This book is one of those fluffy, feelsy romantic comedy type reads. I don’t typically pick up books like this, but this one sort of just caught my eye and has therefore been on my TBR ever since. I actually really want to read this one since it sounds thoroughly cute (even if it’s unrealistic). Meet cutes always really seem to capture my attention, especially if they’re described effectively. And who hasn’t dreamed of meeting someone on a plane at one point or another in their lives? I mean, honestly.

daimonion7. Daimonion by J.P. Jackson

This book is on my TBR because it was a review request. But I also wanted to mention it due to the fact that the request was sent to me in an attempt to give diverse books a farther reach so that readers who might benefit from books and characters they identify with will be able to find them. I haven’t read this book yet so I can’t say much in terms of its merits there, but I will say that I am eager to read this one on account of the fact that I agree very strongly with that message. We do need diverse books, plain and simple. And if this is one of them, I’m happy to read it.

sinless6. Sinless by Sarah Tarkoff

I only just found this book recently, but it sounds so amazing and I’m definitely very antsy about reading it soon. The book’s premise centers around the idea that evil and good are physical attributes that one can see on a person, so ultimately each bad deed disfigures you and the good keep you looking beautiful. I don’t know much about the author nor the characters in this story, but that idea alone makes it worth looking into a little. Admittedly this book doesn’t appear to have a great rating on Goodreads thus far, but I like to make my own decisions in the end. Hopefully, I won’t find this book a disappointment.

hook5. Lost Boy: The True Story of Captain Hook by Christina Henry

This book is on my list for two reasons. The first is that someone recommended it to me and the second is simply that I love Peter Pan and therefore will devour just about any retelling that I can find (even if it’s terrible, though I’ll likely rant for ages if it is). I’ve got a very strong love for this particular world and I can’t wait to pick this one up. I feel that way about a lot of retellings, though, admittedly. This one for sure is one I’d like to have read sooner rather than later. With my schedule, though, who knows when I’ll get to it.

prince s4. Prince S by Anita Renaghan

Ahk, I’ve wanted to get my hands on a copy of this book ever since I first learned about it, though I have yet to do so thus far. I’m a little weary about it mainly due to the fact that I don’t want this book to turn out badly. The premise follows a young princess who is raised as a boy due to the fact that her father has no son and therefore no “rightful heir” to his throne. This book could either be really great or really bad. And I’m a little terrified about it. I definitely want to have read this before spring is finished, though. So I guess I’ll be finding out soon enough!

troy3. Troy’s Possibilities by Rodney Strong

This premise isn’t particularly new or anything, but I just love a good and fun repetitive day plot. The idea of having a day rewind again and again until you get it right is one that I just adore and this book sounds fairly cute, so I wanted to give it a shot. I’m really excited to read it. I don’t think the cover particularly does much to give readers an idea of what the book is about, but that’s alright. It sounds cute and so while I don’t have a lot of expectations, I’m looking forward to reading it.

princedressmaker2.  The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang

Oh my goodness, I cannot get over how absolutely adorable this book both sounds and looks. I don’t know how anyone ever could, really. It’s original, it’s creative, and I’m hoping that it’s groundbreaking. Telling the tale of a young prince whose parents are trying to find a wife for but who instead has a secret life where he dresses up as fashion icon, Lady Crystallia. I’m in love, love, love with this premise and I desperately want a copy of this book, more so than most books I’ve added to my TBR recently. If it’s not on yours, I’d definitely suggest you add it!

children1. Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

This is the one book that I know I simply have to read this Spring. There’s been a lot of hype for it, though that does seem to have died down a bit in recent days and quite frankly, this is just one of those books that screams to be read. And ultimately I don’t want to put this one off. I want to know what it was that everyone loved so much and to find out how much I agree with it all. I’m quite excited for this one and can’t wait to get started. It’s just a matter of figuring out the timing of it all.

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