Custom Engraved Covers

Please email for quotes and questions.

General pricing:
+ $40-$80 (range depends on level of detail & whether engraving front + back)
+ sprayed edges available for + $10
+ stenciled edges occasionally available

Engraved books above and below and above are examples of some that I have done. I can use similar images across multiple books or change the quotes on pre-made engraving artwork.

Image engraving cost dependent upon time spent and detail requested; quotes available upon request.

Please Note:
– I will not engrave the work of other artists without their express permission to do so. This must be provided.
– If you have your own artwork, the engraving cost will depend on size and detail.
– Movie image recreation is cheaper than original artwork from scratch.
– If you have a scene from a book that you would love to see engraved, email me the details and I’ll see what I can do!

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