As a book blogger, like many of the rest of us out there, I began writing about what I read online in order to get access to free and advanced copies of books that I really wanted to read. I slowly worked my way into figuring out how the process worked, introducing myself to NetGalley and then eventually–once I felt less overwhelmed–Edelweiss. I’ve even managed to get my hands on quite a few physical ARCs over the past two years, which has been truly an amazing feat.

I know a lot of book bloggers have a tendency to say that they’re in it for the books and that we should be so concerned about whether or not we’re able to get advanced readers copies of books that we want. And to a certain extent, that’s true. And it is definitely true that, if you truly want a successful blog, your main focus shouldn’t be whether or not you’re getting all those physical ARCs that you want. With that said, I do think it’s silly to pretend that getting these books is not a huge part of why we’re here. It’s how I started and to this day it is still something that fuels some of my desire to keep this blog going strong.

But I don’t think that if I didn’t love writing about books so much that I ever would have built up Reader Fox to be as much as it is today, getting around 300+ views per day and more followers than I could have imagined I’d ever have. And it took me a lot over the past two years to get to this point. I originally began this blog in 2016, but I wasn’t really serious about it until December of 2017. And even then, I had a huge lapse during the summer of 2018 when I got a huge promotion at work and didn’t have nearly as much time to dedicate to it.

But I wanted to take some time to really discuss the pieces for how I got to this point, how I manage to get as many ARCs as I do, and what you can do–whether you’re a blogger who’s just beginning or someone who’s been around for a while but just hasn’t quite gotten the hang of things yet–to boost your blog to a point where you can get there, too. And believe me when I say that there are a lot of pieces to it. This is a work in progress and I will be adding more links and posts as I go along, but for now, the key facets are:

  • ARCs
  • Your Blog
    • Content
    • Frequency
    • Reviews
    • Review Policies
    • Followers/Views/Reach
    • The Role of Twitter
    • Brand
    • Review Platforms
  • NetGalley
  • Edelweiss
    • The Ins and Outs
    • Your Profile
    • Publishers
  • Physical ARCs
    • Where to Find Them
    • How to Request
    • Goodreads
    • Twitter
    • Publishers
    • The Role of Ebay

This is a WIP. Not all subjects currently have links. I will be continuing to add to this list to make it as concise as possible.

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