I’m so excited! I realize this isn’t an exceptionally large milestone compared to some other blogs, but it’s the first milestone I’ve achieved. In that sense, this truly does mean a lot to me. I’ve had this blog for a little over a year now and it has really only been recently that I’ve made attempts to enmesh myself in the culture of book blogging and post more often.

I really appreciate all of you for being part of this journey with me, for reading what I’ve written, for writing on your own blogs, and for building a community in which we can all spend a little bit of our time each day truly appreciating everything that the reading world has to offer us. This is all such an important part of my life and I feel truly honored, in a way, to be sharing it. I can’t wait to be a part of sharing more.

So, thank you.

Thank you for being part of this journey.

Happy reading, everyone!

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