So, this is something I’ve wanted to be doing for a while now. Sometime in this past year I decided that it wasn’t really going to be fully worth it until I could do it for a whole year, probably because there’s some sort of OCD tendency I have preventing me from beginning it halfway through the year. It just felt too wrong to me, as though I would never be able to manage it if I tried and so I decided to set it up for the start of 2019.

2018 was awful anyway.

How this is going to work is similar to my previous YA Releases on my TBR post series, but instead of listing out five books that I’ve added to my list based on when they were most recently published, I’m going to be posting one book per day that has been added to my list based on their publication date. Some books will be lucky enough to be posted on the very first day of their publication while others might follow along on the days that have no books. Some others might end up being posted a little bit ahead of time. It all just depends on what’s available.

And this is all set up to start tomorrow! If I manage to time it right, they’ll all be pre-scheduled as well so that you’ll never have to worry about me running out of time to post about an awesome book and not getting to it. Not that I don’t know you guys would understand, but rather that I always wanna keep this blog going.

I’m looking forward to sharing all these books with you, saying goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019 (the last season of Game of Thrones comes out this year, you guys!!!). As always, happy reading!

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