So here’s a crazy thing that I frankly never thought would happen. I’m getting a new (and legitimate because it’s gonna have color!) logo for the blog! It’s kind of a little insane cause my art skills literally only apply when it comes down to me drawing what basically accounts to black and white pencil sketches. I’ve never been able to really add color (except once with genie, but he’s all blue so I don’t think that counts).

But anyway, I was chatting with my boyfriend the other day about the blog and somehow the discussion of a logo came up. Mainly because he didn’t think I had one. Cue me excitedly proving him wrong and showing off the bookish fox I’d created several months ago at which point he asks if he can get me a legitimate one.

And, to be completely fair, he’s right. My drawing, though wonderful and adorable, isn’t really the best logo. I couldn’t even fit it into the logo section here as it is, so it’s mainly just remained a backdrop for the blog. Plus, I’ve wanted one with color that actually looked professional for a long time now. I just thought I’d have to do it myself and as such never really got it done. All my attempts looked terrible.

So, naturally, with a boyfriend who works in the tech industry, it’s no wonder he immediately went off to find a graphic designer to do this for me. I likely never would have done so myself. Which is partially because I’m just really cheap and also wouldn’t have really thought about it. But now that it’s happening I’m honestly really excited.

I’ll, of course, keep you guys updated as this goes along. I can’t wait to see it and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

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